Professional Tier

HP6 Series

The next generation of two-way radio, utilizing advanced materials and the latest technologies

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HP7 Series

The next generation of two-way radio, with support for Tier 3 trunking systems

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PD5i Series

Lightweight, robust digital two-way radio

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PD9i Series

Radio redefined. Industry-first features like self-repeat mode and audio playback/recording.

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As a founding member of the DMR Association and the first company to successfully deploy DMR Tier II and Tier III systems, Hytera is a cutting-edge innovator of DMR radios and systems, one that has continuously improved their product line based on customer feedback. Their H-Series line of radios and repeaters are the culmination of that experience and approach to innovation. HP6 and HP7 DMR handheld radios are the next generation in both style and functionality, elevating the industry standard in professional digital two-way radios. By deploying state-of-the-art technologies, they provide a more efficient and reliable user experience with AI-based noise-cancelling sound for loud and clear audio, Li-Ion polymer batteries rated for up to 24-hour runtimes between charges, an intuitive user interface, remarkable portability and ruggedness in tough conditions. H-Series radios are IP68 rated to be dustproof, impervious to water jets, submersible to a depth of 2 meters for 4 hours and can stand up to drop shock testing at 2 meters. Hytera H-Series handheld radios have anti-magnetic speakers that repel and won’t attract magnetic metal dust and shavings, extending the life of all audio components in the radio.

H-Series technology extends radio coverage with increased Rx sensitivity, improved antenna gain, and reduced attenuation. This results in a 25% increase in coverage distance and signal penetration through buildings. The enhanced coverage improves efficiency and can help reduce network infrastructure costs. Multiple patented technologies and a voice buffer reduces packet loss during Rx handover for consistently clear calls and fewer dropped communications. Pseudo Random Trunking is a virtual trunking feature that allocates a free timeslot for urgent communications, rather than assigned or fixed timeslots. This exclusive technology enhances system capacity and allows users to communicate in a timely manner in emergency situations where other radios with similar timeslots are actively using a shared repeater.