PD9i Series

PD9i Series

PD9i Series DMR Two-Way Radio

The new PD9i Series from Hytera is the latest edition to the world’s most comprehensive DMR portfolio. Offering an exceptional digital experience with a vast array of enhanced features, the PD982i is the perfect solution for improving user efficiency and safety in any industry.

Single Frequency Repeater Mode
This feature allows your device to be used, alternatively, as a repeater, enabling your communications to go further. Based on interference cancellation techniques, the PD9i series uses one slot to receive a signal and another to transmit it in the same frequency, while using DMO mode to extend the communication distance.

Longer Battery Life
The all-new Smart Battery of the PD9i series means that this two-way radio device can be used even on long shifts, and the user is able to monitor the battery status. Consequently, the PD982i charging time is dramatically decreased.

Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology
Offering an exceptional audio experience, the PD9i series boasts new noise cancellation technology, allowing users to hear and speak clearly, even in loud environments.

Advanced Features Explained:

  • Full Duplex: PD982i enables frontline personnel to make full duplex calls between other PD982i radios, PABX, PSTN and mobile phones
  • Single Frequency Repeater Mode: The PD982i is able to use one slot to receive a signal and another slot to transmit it on the same frequency using DMO mode to extend radio coverage.
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0: With integrated Bluetooth 4.0, the PD982i not only supports audio transmit, but it will also allow programming via Bluetooth.
  • Noise Cancellation and 2.5W Audio Output: Maximum 2.5W output speaker and new noise cancelling technology ensures clear and loud voice communication.
  • IP68 Protection: Complies with the highest dust and waterproofing standard to confront the harshest environments. The radio continues to function after submersion in fresh water down to 2 metres for up to 4 hours.
  • Smart Battery: This feature makes it easier to monitor the battery status, such as battery life time and charging time, and will reduce the charging time.
  • Audio Recording via Micro SD card: The PD982i supports up to a 32GB Micro SD card, to record up to 576 hours of digital / analogue audio.
  • Safety features: Man down, lone worker and emergency mode are included as standard to protect user wellbeing.
  • Full suite of DMR Services: Including remote monitor, remote enable/disable and call alert.