Communications Associates has been committed to providing customized communications solutions to a wide range of users ever since opening our doors in 1979. Being that we’re in the business of communication, we know how important it is to remain in-step with customers throughout the buying process. While we believe the products speak for themselves, we know the service, attention, and care we provide our customers—from the moment we meet to after your system is in place—is the heart of a successful business.

How do we do this?

It’s simple. Communications Associates has been designing and installing mobile communications systems for over 40 years. While we started in Southwest Missouri, our company has grown over the years and today, serves customers from all corners of the state, as well as the greater Midwest.

We partner with manufacturers that offer industry-leading technology, committed to providing only the best solutions. In addition to emphasizing the end-user experience, these brands come with the best warranties the industry has to offer, from vendors who stand behind their products. The result? Satisfied customers serviced with the best two-way radio systems available today.

Beyond the equipment, Communications Associates has experienced technicians and installers to ensure your system is done right the first time. Good people produce good results.

Whether you need a simple, conventional radio solution for your office, or a multi-site trunked communications system for wide-area operations, we can help. Our clients range from small agricultural farmers to the federal government, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. If you have a communications need, we can help.

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