XL-200P Series

The L3Harris XL-200P is the industry’s leading converged multiband LTE, full-spectrum LMR. Capable of operating on VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz frequencies, this powerful portable merges robust LMR voice with voice and data over cellular, LTE and Wi-Fi®, and is both Verizon Certified and Band 14 ready.

The XL-200P can be used with a wide variety of headsets and covert audio accessories to provide a complete user-gear solution for the industrial, public safety, utility, and transportation markets. Heavy-duty and lightweight headsets are available with in-ear or over-the-ear hearing protection, flexible boom microphones with noise-reduction technology, and standard or remote PTTs. In addition, the XL-200P can be used with Bone Conducting Skull Headsets and Throat Microphone/Headset Kits. Covert audio kits are available in black or beige, 2-wire or 3-wire configura tions with ear-piece, microphone and PTT.

Carrying Cases
L3Harris offers a versatile line of carrying cases for the XL-200P full-spectrum multiband radio. Options include a standard belt clip and premium belt loop, both of which afford the radio user a low-profile, integrated carrying option. In addition, a premium leather holster is available for attaching to a belt or wearing with the premium leather shoulder strap.

L3Harris offers a variety of chargers for the XL-200P: Single-Bay, Multi-Bay and a Vehicular Charger for in-car charging. The chargers are designed to quickly and safely charge battery packs in approximately 1 to 4 hours.

Additional Accessories Available
Bluetooth speaker microphones, Bluetooth covert earpieces, standard speaker microphones, Lithium Ion battery, PC programming software and cables, other subminiature surveillance accessories, and antennas.