2 Way Radios, Repeaters, Base Stations

Communications Associates has been a full service wireless provider in Springfield for over 35 years! Winning numerous awards for excellence in sales and service. We have achieved "Network Solution Provider" status with HARRIS, Inc. in the Midwest. 99% of repairs are performed in our shops, not sent to a repair depot... this provides faster turnaround on radios needing service. With the next generation of wireless technology, Communications Associates can help you streamline your operations, increase productivity and efficiency and increase your profits.
We have expanded to include lights/ sirens/ console equip, etc for law enforcement, with two locations in Missouri providing installations.

Message from the President….

We at Communications Associates take care of our customers. . . . . whatever your mobile radio communication needs, we stand ready to make sure you are satisfied with our product and services. We take care to communicate all along the way to providing you with a radio system that meets all of your expectations. . . . from the beginning of the FCC licensing process to the operation of your radios, you can count on CA to assist and explain whatever is necessary to insure your complete satisfaction.
Mike Salmon
President, Communications Associates

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