XL-185M Series

The XL-185M is a single-band mobile radio that delivers audio excellence through an ergonomic digital microphone and advanced noise cancellation technology to ensure that you can be heard in noisy environments. Designed for the unique demands of Utilities and Public Safety, the XL-185M is LTE-capable and features standard Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth and GPS. This advanced mobile radio meets MIL-STD-810G to survive the most rugged conditions and is easy to use with a high-visibility 3.3-inch color LCD display, 8 programmable buttons and simple menu access.

Control Unit
18-bit color LCD, 480 pixels x 220 pixels, 3.3-inch color LCD with up to 3 lines of text, Visual Channel / 7 Zone backlit indicator colors, 5 programmable favorites buttons, separate volume and channel selector knobs, built-in speaker, single DIN sizing, 2 USB-C ports (1 for microphone)

Two channels of 15W of audio (< 3% distortion) on both the radio body and control head

Encryption Algorithms
Voice Encryption: Single-key AES/DES, Multiple-key AES/DES, DES-OFB, Encryption Lite (ARC4), 256-bit AES P25, 64-bit DES Control Channel Encryption: 128-bit AES (LLA)

Microphone: Tough, ergonomic digital microphone enabling noise cancellation. External speaker: Light, compact, and carefully tuned for the human voice, the XL-185M external speakers deliver clear and loud mission critical voice in an easy-to-mount enclosure

Technical Specifications