XG-100M Series

This versatile mobile solution supports P25 and analog conventional communications across the VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz bands, allowing first responders to connect across multiple jurisdictions and agencies operating on multiple frequencies and systems.

The XG-100M is software-defined, offering a smooth migration path with support for wideband and narrowband channels and field upgrades to additional modes including P25 Phase 2 trunking. Equipped with advanced noise cancellation technology and an AMBE+2™ vocoder, this multiband radio ensures loud and clear audio in extremely noisy and harsh environments.

The XG-100M is also ruggedized to exceed MIL-STD-810G standards for durability. The mobile’s large, full-color touchscreen display, intuitive interface and color-coded menus simplify operation. GPS is built in as standard and an optional vehicular repeater is available for extended network coverage.

Multiple Mixed Systems Zones
allows users to communicate across multiple types of systems, whether Analog Conventional, P25 Conventional, P25 Trunked Phase 1 (FDMA) or Phase 2 (TDMA). Zones composed of multiple systems are created and users can assign knob positions to channels and talkgroups on these disparate systems.

Command Tactical Zone (CTZ)
allows users to dynamically create custom zones to communicate with other jurisdictions without a need for PC-enabled programming. Custom zones provide up to 48 additional channel assignments.

GPS Tracking
provides quick and accurate unit location information to dispatchers via the radio network.

Additional Accessories
Antennas, microphones, desktop control station, vehicular repeater, PC programming software, and cables are available.

Control Units
XG-100M control units are available in front or remote mount designs. The CH-100 control unit incorporates a large 4.3-inch touchscreen color display with a powerful graphical user interface and a built-in microphone that works with the hand held microphone to suppress noise. Wireless audio accessories for the CH-100 are supported by Bluetooth® technology, with security enhanced through a pairing management interface controller and option for Bluetooth disable. The CH-721 control unit has a 3-line, 12-character alphanumeric display. The unit is available in Scan (limited keypad) and System (full keypad) models and supports 800 MHz EDACS and ProVoice trunking operation. The Scan model has large selection buttons. The System model has a 12-button keypad allowing advanced operations without a DTMF microphone. The HHC-731 Hand Held Controller provides the advanced features of the CH-721 System control unit, including siren and light bar control, all in a compact package. The ruggedized design meets a full range of environmental specifications and supports 800 MHz EDACS and ProVoice trunking operation. The 3-line, 12-character alphanumeric display is backlit for use in low-light areas. The small size of the HHC-731 makes it ideal for covert operations and space-constrained environments.

Technical Specifications