TC-580 Features

The TC-580 is the best choice for organizations requiring a low-cost analog radio with display and keypad. Possible markets include light industrial applications, retail, and hospitality. With 256 channels, front-panel programming, and DTMF Signalling the TC-580 is capable of fulfilling the need for conventional communication at an affordable price.

Powerful Front Panel Programming
Large front panel buttons facilitate easy programming of nearly all the radio parameters and functions without the need for additional equipment.

256 Channels & 32 Zones
This channel capacity makes the radio suitable for large radio system applications or systems where channel capacity can be used to increase and simplify unique calling requirements. When larger numbers of channels are being used, they can be grouped into smaller blocks to allow for easier navigation.

Reverse Display Option
This product supports a 180-degree reversal of the displayed content. In this way you can read the information in LCD easily without removing the radio from its holder. This facilitates your work and enhances your efficiency.

Emergency Alarm
When encountering an emergency, you can use this function to sound an alarm and send a message to the control center for help.

DTMF Signalling & Caller Identification
With DTMF signalling, versatile call functions are available such as caller ID and select call.

Technical Specifications